Rain Campaign

We have partnered with Polk County and Rain Campaign to bring the raincoat and umbrella installation to events near you. Click above to learn more about it.


The Water Quality Initiative focuses on repairing water quality in Polk County.

Water Rocks


This program through Iowa State University reaches out to young  children and parents to get them interested in the natural resources, like water, around them. 

In Iowa, a watershed scale approach has been utilized as the way to address many of our natural resource concerns. With this approach, problems are addressed at the source which results in a longer lasting and more holistic solution. Working on a watershed scale also brings awareness and builds community with our local citizens. 

Every watershed we work in is unique with different environmental concerns and potential solutions. Because of this, each watershed project has a completed watershed management plan which includes a detailed watershed assessment, report of local issues, and an action plan to meet improvement goals. Polk SWCD plays a major role in implementing these plans by partnering with the residents and other stakeholders to achieve watershed goals.


To learn about this initiative to improve water quality in Polk County, click here. 


Are you interested in learning more about your watershed? Click here to find out more. 


Click here to learn more about opportunities for financial assistance.


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